This is pure decadent indulgence and not your everyday staple! 2 halves of sticky protein-packed fudge chocolate cake are sandwiched with a moorish chocolate frosting and plenty of tart fresh raspberries to cut through the sweetness. Contrary to popular belief making something vegan doesn’t necessarily make it completely guilt-free as generally a lot of oil is added, but this is pretty close, as it contains no added oils, is gluten-free and is sugar free with the sweetness being provided by the dates and agave syrup.

are free radicals bad cacao blend

I also added a good scoop of Miessence BerryRadical which is a raw cacao super-berry blend packed full of antioxidants with 9 different types of freeze dried berries to continue the berry theme. This was teamed with my new favourite cacao powder from Raw Revelations which is heirloom and harvested from trees aged over 30 years old!

This cake is also completely raw so a pretty special, unique treat to present to a group and great if you are after maximum enzyme nutrition from your food. It doesn’t have the traditional baked cake texture and consistency. it’s a bit more sticky and very dense.

You will need a food processor and also ideally 2 spring form cake pans as it is much easier to pop out he halves.

The recipe here was originally created by Ani Phyo and I got it from raw foodist Deb Durrant who runs raw food workshops down in Devon, UK- her business is called Raw Food Made Easy.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake


raw vegan chocolate fudge cake raspberries

raw vegan chocolate fudge cake sliced to serve

Ingredients- serves 8

3 cups of Walnuts (I use almonds because I still have a small allergy to walnuts and it worked fine)

2/3 cup raw Cacao Powder

2 tablespoons of Miessence Berry Radical

10 Medjool Dates

A pinch of Himalayan pink salt

For the Filling

4 Medjool Dates

1/4 cups Agave Syrup

1 medium ripe Avocado

1/3 cup raw Cacao Powder

1/2 punnet of Raspberries

To Decorate

1/2 punnet of Raspberries


  1. Place the walnuts (or almonds), cacao powder and salt in the food processer and process until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. You can use the pulse button for this. Add the dates and pulse until it starts to form a dough. Form into 2 cake halves by dividing the mixture between 2 cake pans lined with baking parchment on the bottom to prevent it sticking. Leave it to set in the fridge or freezer for half an hour whilst you make the chocolate filling.

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake: processing almonds and cacao

  2. Blend the dates and agave in the food processor until smooth, add the avocado and blend again and then add the cacao powder- blend until smooth but don’t over process.
    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake icing blended in food processor

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake sugar free

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake frosting with avocado and dates

  3. Turn out one of the cake halves from the pan and place a layer of filling on top. Place a layer of raspberries on the filling, leaving enough to decorate the top of the cake, and put the remaining half cake on top. Use the remaining filling to ice the cake and decorate with raspberries.
    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake raspberries

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake freshly iced


    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake with raspberries

    raw vegan chocolate fudge cake made into a loaf showing raspberry layer and frosting


  4. This will need to be stored in the fridge and as cake hardens up in the fridge it is good to get out about 1o minutes before you want to serve so it has a nice gooey texture to it.



Many Blessings,
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