vegan carrot and ginger cake with cashew frosting

Vegan Creamy Vanilla Cashew Icing

This recipe for a vegan carrot and ginger cake was adapted from one I found in a little vegan cookbook I found on my friends shelf. We were attempting to use up a huge veg box backlog but unfortunately even with doubling the carrot element this still used just two of many 🙂  We didn’t grumble as this turned out deliciously. We had it plain with some soy yogurt and some homemade apple sauce which worked great. I have included a creamy vegan frosting for those of you who don’t do carrot cake without icing!

This recipe uses coconut sugar which i prefer for it’s low GI ranking. You could use brown sugar but perhaps use a little less as it’s much sweeter. The addition of the ginger gives a nice little warming zing but this could be omitted if you weren’t a fan.


Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and beta- carotene which is a precursor to vitamin A. We need vitamin A for healthy skin and mucus membranes, our immune system, and good eye health and vision.Beta-carotene in itself is not an essential nutrient, but vitamin A is.

vegan carrot and ginger cake contains vitamin c

I was excited to find out that cooking carrot doesn’t destroy all the nutrients and that some argue that it actually makes the nutrients more bio-available by breaking down the lignin- the tough indigestible fibre. A 2007 study found that boiled carrots had the highest level of carotenoids available for the body to use in making Vitamin A. Additionally, boiling only destroyed a small amount of the Vitamin C in carrots: 100g of carrots (raw) 31mg Vitamin C. Boiled – 28mg Vitamin C. Steamed – 19mg Vitamin C. Unfortunately results are unconfirmed for cake!

Vegan Carrot and Ginger Cake


vegan carrot and ginger cake cashew icing

vegan carrot and ginger cake w/ creamy cashew frosting


Makes 1x 8 inch round cake- serves 8

(double ingredients to make a layered sandwich cake)



vegan carrot and ginger cake

vegan carrot and ginger cake grated carrot

100g / 1 cup Spelt Flour

100g / 1 cup Plain white flour or gluten-free blend

150g / 3/4 cup Coconut Sugar

2 tsps Baking Powder

1 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Salt

175ml / 3/4 cup Soy Milk

vegan carrot and ginger cake with coconut

Coconut sugar

2 tsps Vanilla Extract

4 tbsp Coconut Oil- melted

1 linseed/flax egg (1 tbsp of ground flax with 1 tbsp of water)

120g / 1 cup grated Carrot

1 thumb sized piece of grated Ginger

vegan carrot and ginger cake

vegan carrot and ginger cake with creamy cashew icing

Frosting Ingredients


(thanks to the Rawtarian for the recipe)

1 cup Raw Cashews (soaked 3 hours)

1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Dates (soaked)
1/2 tbsp Coconut Butter
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract
pinch of Salt




  1. Preheat the oven 180C/350F/gas mark 4 and grease a 8 inch round cake tin
  2. In a large bowl mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, salt
  3. Add in the wet ingredients and mix carefully until just incorporated

    vegan carrot and ginger cake before frosting

    vegan carrot and ginger cake cooling

  4. Pour into the tin and bake on a high shelf for 25-40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean
  5. Pop out the tin and cool on a rack before icing.
  6. Blend up frosting ingredients in a blender until smooth and silky
  7. Frost the cake decorating with some crushed cashew pieces or some ribbons of orange zest.



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Recipe adapted from recipe book ‘How it all Vegan’ by Tanya Barnard